At the Crockett Law Firm we are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt and professional service at the highest level of excellence.

We keep working for you until we achieve the maximum recovery possible for your injury.

Welcome to Crockett Law Firm

The Crockett Law Firm is an Arkansas Personal Injury legal team committed to excellence in serving the public. We've recovered millions of insurance dollars for hundreds of Arkansans involving every type of insurance claim. Each case is assigned a trial lawyer, claims adjuster, & paralegal investigator.

Make a smart move and consult a Personal Injury Attorney

It's better to learn about your legal rights before you file an insurance claim. This first crucial step shouldn't cost you a thing. It can save you from a nightmare! There are many honest and competent lawyers in Arkansas willing to consult with you for free and represent you, if you choose, on a percentage of recovery. This means that the lawyer doesn't get paid unless you do.

At the Crockett Personal Injury Law Firm our attorneys serve injured people all over Arkansas. Our clients seek justice without delay, so we work hard to be worthy of their faith. We promise superior service, this means returning phone calls promptly, and making house calls on the initial interview. You don't have to come to us, We'll come to you! Because of our belief in fairness and diplomacy most of our clients get what they want quickly, quietly and out of court. Our fee for an out of court settlement is just 25% and only when we win!

Don't Be Victimized Twice!

Never, ever sign an insurance release or medical authorization without first calling and consulting an attorney. This simple step shouldn't cost you a thing. It could save you from a nightmare. Always remember, the insurance adjuster usually represents your opponent and is being paid to protect the insurance company. Not you. An insurance adjuster is usually highly trained in effectuating a cheap and premature settlement.

Some adjusters will trick you into signing a release of all claims while paying only for your vehicle damage, or they will request you to sign an open-end medical release before your medical treatment is concluded. These tactics could leave you holding the bag for thousands of dollars in unpaid medical expenses. You can always get a free consultation about your legal rights in an insurance claim by calling the Crockett Law Firm.