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Insurance Claims Attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas

We handle claims involving insurance claims, including life, health, disability and property. The firm also handles P.I.P. claims for both the insured and providers, as well as handling both first and third-party insurance bad faith claims.

Insurance companies have a legal and ethical duty to act in a fair and honest manner toward their own policyholders as well as people whom their policyholders injure through negligent acts. The insurers do not always conduct themselves in good faith, however.

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Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith misconduct occurs when an insurer:

  • Misrepresents information.

  • Acts unfairly.

  • Fails to disclose information truthfully.

  • Engages in dishonest settlement negotiations.

  • Does not pay claims when they have a good faith obligation to do so.

The Crockett Law Firm can help you pursue the fair settlement you deserve. Contact us with further questions you may have about insurance claims and to find out how we can help.