Tractor Rig Accidents

Many people think of truck accidents as simply a much larger automobile accident. But not only are the vehicles different, the laws governing trucks involved in interstate commerce are quite specific and encompass numerous subject areas. Many of these laws and regulations are uniquely designed to protect motorists from the negligence of the truck companies. Understanding the finer details of commercial motor vehicle law is essential to handling a case involving a truck accident.

Lawsuits based on accidents and collisions involving trucks, semis, tractor trailers or big rigs involve a complicated group of laws and large amounts of evidence. Because the trucking industry is heavily regulated, an accident involving a truck is significantly more complex than an automobile accident case. Based on our vast experience in representing plaintiffs in Truck Accident Cases we know that an action can be brought against both the truck driver and the trucking insurance company. We have the experience and specialized knowledge to lead the investigation into the cause of the truck accident and to help you obtain a fair settlement.

The victims of truck accidents are entitled to compensation for property damage (car repairs), medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and permanent injury or disfigurement.

The Crockett Personal Injury Law Team can help you obtain the fair settlement you deserve. Contact us with further questions you may have about Tractor Rig Accidents and to find out how we can help.